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2012/4. Winter

Dear Reader,
Photo: © János Szekeres

Nikon D100, 18-270mm 1/200sec f/3.2 ISO 200
Welcome to our 2012/4 winter issue: the months go by very quickly and here we are again as the winter arrived.
This is our fourteenth issue and once again I can give account of some progress. We are available in English again under the name of Nature Photo Magazine and you can read all the fourteen issues in English now. The iPad application of the Hungarian version of Nature Photo Magazine has been completed and is available in the Apple Store and the English version will also be available on iPad soon. Our current online magazine remains free, you only have to complete a simple registration.

A foretaste of our current issue:

Photo: © János Szekeres

Nikon D100, 18-270mm 1/640sec f/8 ISO 200
We tested the first entry-level FX format DSLR Nikon camera in numerous situations. The camera has performed excellently.
In the „Tips and Tricks” column we could check out the NiSi ND 1000 and Vari ND filters and give some advice for the application.
Árpád Krivánszky and László Suhayda nature photographers give us precious advices on winter photography both by pictures and writing.
We invited Csaba Daróczi, Nature Photographer of the Year, for a thorough interview and asked him about his workshop secrets and about the guidelines he follows.
In our „Beautiful places” column viewing the pictures of János Szekeres and reading the poems of Lajos Áprily made us realize how many beauties are hidden in winter in the Pilis Mountains near Budapest.
The current article of „Life under the water” column brings us within reach of the sperm whales. We can see fantastic pictures from nature photographer Dániel Selmeczi and diver cameraman Zsolt Sásdi.
People-Cultures-Cities”: In the Glance at India series we continue our article on Raxaul. The pictures, texts and fantastic videos made by Pál Teravágimov make our magazine even more colourful.
We have launched a brand new column titled Customer Guide in which we published a comprehensive article on flash systems to help photographers before shopping.
Please receive our fourteenth issue with love - now in iPad and Android versions as well!
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