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2014/3. Autumn

Dear Reader,
Photo: © László Suhayda

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EF16-35mm f/2.8L USM f/10 1/125 sec ISO 3200
Here we are with the 2014/3 autumn issue of our magazine. Autumn, one of the most beautiful seasons of nature photography, has come again. Deciduous trees and bushes are about to become colourful again, and even the tundra on the North takes on colour. Misty and foggy periods appear at dawn, providing one of the most popular photo themes for nature photographers to capture.

To give but a flavour of our current issue:

Photo: © Tamás Imre

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM f/13 1/13sec ISO 100
We would like to invite our readers to one of the most beautiful land of Norway, the Geiranger Fjord and the national parks of its region through the photos of Anikó Imre and Tamás Imre.
We continue to present photobags in the ‚Shopping Guide’ column, having reporter bags on the agenda. We give expert advice to help the decision of future customers.
We guide you around the centre of the Bavarian Forest (Bayerische Wald) National Park which provides exceptionally good opportunities for beginners to practice animal photography.
We have tested Nikon’s newest full frame cutting-edge D810 camera on the field. I took the camera for a field-test for a whole week in Turkey where I could try the new machine out in all sorts of extreme conditions.
In our ‚Photo School’ column we give some tips and ideas to star movement photography through the pictures and thoughts of Tamás Imre.
We introduce nature photographer Gergő Sőtér in the ‚Portfolio’ column. The photographer dedicated his life primarily to big game photography, now we can have a taste of that through his pictures.
In our ‚Tips and Tricks’ column nature photographers Árpád Krivánszky and László Suhayda give some advice to the readers in their article, ‚Photography in Autumn Lights’.
Our photographer colleague Dániel Selmeczi gives some help to compile the travel set for diving photographers. It is not an easy job if you consider how many things you have to take on a plane.
Our colleague László Szilágyi continues the presentation of Adobe Lightroom picture processing program. His article, ‚Presentation of Our Pictures in the Video World’ helps users to familiarize themselves with the services of the software.
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