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Csaba Daróczi


Dear Csaba, this year you won the Nature Photographer of the Year Award, and in addition you won a prize in Bayer’s nature photography competition. First of all, let me congratulate you on the behalf of the Nature Photo Magazine editorial for your well-deserved success.
Thank you!
Photo: © Csaba Daróczi - Grey vs midget

What is the secret of your success?
I have never thought about it, but now it’s time to do so. One thing is sure, I live in a very good place. 90 percent of my pictures was taken around my residence, Soltvadkert or within about 20 miles. I do not have to go too far for good themes. Another reason can be that I am always seeking for new things and ideas. If I see a picture which I like, I surely don’t want to do something similar. And the third one is the most important - I hope it doesn’t sound too arrogant - I feel that I have some inner harmony and I try to show it in my pictures too.
What encourage you to go out to the nature again and again to capture its beauties the way you want to show it?
The experience. The experience of creation. Sometimes I can be happy to the extent of screaming or raving after I made a picture which I had planned for long or which was presented to me by the nature spontaneously.
Did you study photography or are you a self-taught photographer?
I learned photography from experienced photographers. During my academic years in Szeged I attended Gyula Molnár’s CSEMETE photo club and most of my knowledge comes from there.
Photo: © Csaba Daróczi - The beginning of life (bacteria in a drying out pond)

What do you think about the importance of talent? Or can anyone be a nature photographer as it is only a matter of persistence?
I think anybody can be a good photographer by perseverance, however, outstanding success requires talent and creativity as well. Seeing the portfolio of your website I noticed that you also capture portraits and other photo themes.
Do you consider photography your profession or just a hobby you love?
I try to consider photography my hobby and enjoy every single shot. It is a nice way of relaxation after the everyday problems. I don’t want photography be a pressure for me as I guess I would lose the joy of the hobby that way.
Where from do you take your air shots and what do you think how dangerous they are? Do have any stories about them?
I take my aerial photos from a hang glider. It is not without risk, but neither driving or riding a bike is. There’s an interesting story when we went out for a flight in a summer morning but because the visibility was not very good, it turned to be a flightseeing. My friend, Zoli thought that he would show me the county from above and we went up to 3200 m height. We were rising continuously from Kiskőrös to Kistelek, then he switch off the engine there and we were gliding back to home. He only turned on the engine again a few miles before the airport. It was strange that he did not talked to me during our way back via the radio at all. When we landed he told me why. Only one deciliter petrol left in the fuel tank...
Photo: © Csaba Daróczi - End of summer

In your nature photos I feel and understand that you emphasise the atmosphere of the lights. How important are for you the wonder of the light and the usage of flashes?
The most important they are! Just like the sculptor works with the stone or the painter with paints, the photographer works with light. The most important for at any theme to work out the appropriate lighting. I use flash frequently as special light effects can be achieved with its help which sometimes astonish the viewer. Many of your photos was taken at night or in extreme, stormy conditions.
How do you protect your equipment at those times?
Yes, I love to photograph lightnings. Usually I try to be on the field before the rain but if I can’t for some reason, then I get into my car and photograph lightnings from there with windows pulled off.
What is your message to our readers who are beginning to take photographs?
We got back to the first question, what the secret of my success is. Perhaps it is possible that I learned not to shoot at random as I used to photograph slides for ten years. If I taught someone to photograph, I would not allow him to play back his pictures in the field, only in the evening in front of the computer. This way beginners could learn to photograph consciously and thoughtfully, and could learn from their mistakes. I would suggest thinking instead of trial and error.
Photo: © Csaba Daróczi - Cloud race

Where can we find your pictures on the Internet?
Besides my website I update my Facebook site almost on a daily basis." onclick="''); return false;">
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