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Wildlife Society of Hungarian Nature Photographers

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The Wildlife Society of Hungarian Nature Photographers (Vadvilág MTE ) was established in September 2005 by the joint will of 18 nature-lover photographers, under the leadership of professional nature photographers Tamás Imre and Anikó Imre. The members of the association are mostly beginners or the talented students of professional nature photo courses who - after the successful completion of the course - are still motivated and committed to nature photography. Within the framework of Vadvilág MTE , besides supporting and inspiring each other, members try to show the unique beauty and vulnerability of nature (animals and plants) to the general public primarily through their pictures and by projections, exhibitions and publications. The aim of the association is to foster the protection of nature’s values, encourage love for nature and environmental awareness by capturing and presenting the hidden values and dramatic moments of nature. We provide an opportunity and support for members to deepen their technological knowledge of photography, and help their development through the presentations of renowned nature photographers and by the evaluation of their own pictures, bearing in mind the development of artistic creativity as well. At the end of each year, within the framework of a high-quality domestic competition a renowned professional jury selects the best artworks which are to be entered for next year’s competition announced by the National Federation of Hungarian Art Photographers (MA FOSZ) in which they regularly achieve nice results.
Photo: © Ágnes Appfel - Breakfast

We believe it is important to measure and show the photos made by our members not only at national but at international level as well, therefore we take part in the FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) World Cup competition in which we achieve better and better results year by year. For many years FIAP considers us to be the most successful Hungarian creative group. In 2010 we applied for membership in FIAP’s organisation for international photo clubs (ILFIAP); among Hungarian photo clubs, Vadvilág MTE is the first to be proud of this membership.
Photo: © Egon Berecz - Morning walk

The members of our society have achieved nice results not only as a group but in individual competitions as well, at both national and international levels. Among the members of our association there are several photographers recognized by FIAP, with different degrees in Fine Art Photography who - through their successes - provide further inspiration for the members of our association. The achieved results inspire us to continue our journey towards an even nicer and more aesthetic, “artistic nature photography” to show the our world and our environment to a wider public in a way we see it. And if our pictures also inspire viewers for the respect and love of nature, we can really consider ourselves as “fine art photographers”.
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